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The AsNoTrackingWithIdentityResolution feature applies this method to the resulting query executed byEF Core. It is not supported by EF 6.

No-tracking queries can be forced to perform identity resolution by using AsNoTrackingWithIdentityResolution<TEntity>(IQueryable<TEntity>). The query will then keep track of returned instances (without tracking them in the normal way) and ensure no duplicates are created in the query results.


The following example shows how to add AsNoTrackingWithIdentityResolution to a specification:

public class CustomerByNameReadOnlySpec : Specification<Customer>
  public CustomerByNameReadOnlySpec(string name)
    Query.Where(x => x.Name == name)
      .OrderBy(x => x.Name)
        .ThenByDescending(x => x.Address);

Note: It’s a good idea to note when specifications use AsNoTracking (or AsNoTrackingWithIdentityResolution) so that consumers of the specification will not attempt to modify and save entities returned by queries using the specification. The above specification adds ReadOnly to its name for this purpose.